Two Chefs for Healthy Families

Giving Back to Our Community

Two Chefs for Healthy Families

In an effort to give back to the community and promote healthy eating, Liz McCune of Eat Seattle, and I have teamed up, offering free classes that teach underserved community members about simple and affordable nutrition. We believe as chefs, we have the unique ability to teach both basic nutrition and cooking efficiency, and allow the home cook to make liberating food choices for the rest of the family. In a world where even pasta sauces have sugar additives, home cooks raising families need every bit of help we can give them .

The classes, which take place in Pike Place Market’s commercial Atrium Kitchen, are divided into three main parts: kitchen basics, (knife skills and food safety), meal planning, including how to prep and shop for healthy food for the week, and cooking, including learning recipes and incorporating fruits and vegetables into dishes.

We believe teaching nutrition in an approachable way, with flexible options, does empower. It’s hard to say what this will look like in a year but between our passion for the cause and expertise on the subject matter I’m confident that we will be making a positive impact in our community.

Starting July 6th, Bella Sangar Cooks and Eat Seattle team up in the Pike Place Market’s Atrium Kitchen to give back to the community. We have combined our heads and talents to confidently offer a workshop to teach families to shop inexpensively for healthy foods, prep and cook these foods with their kids, so that no matter what, each night a healthy and affordable meal is a reality because of a simple skill transfer.

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