How We Began

Humble Beginnings

Humble beginnings-

Back in 2011 as Bella was first beginning her venture into the rapidly expanding Seattle food world, she opened a farmer’s market stand at the Queen Anne Farmer’s market called Holy Cow Seattle (geeeet it?!). Her first day of sales rang in at a mere $121 dollars. Not long after, three weeks, to be exact, her humble stand was selling out every market night. People even began bringing their Tupperware from home to stock up for their weekly meal planning. A few years later, we said goodbye to our little stand at the farmer’s market, in pursuit of bigger food adventures.

A New Adventure-

In 2016 we invested in building out our own facility where we produce all our packaged and wholesale products.  We are currently building plans for expanding our packaged food distribution throughout the greater PNW region. Our consumer facing projects will be announced later in 2018.